Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Yes its another testimonial...Life takes you through so many paths, teaching you how to cope withchallenges, sometimes u crumble, sometimes you get back up and walk.There are moments that catch you and you drown yourself in feelings.Today I feel like I miss my country, the buzz, the attraction, theshopping season, the sweets, the joy, the lights and the trill. HK issilent, its just another day here, not one seems excited aboutanything and most boring its not even a holiday. I miss my friends, i know there are there, but not here wid me, not here to laugh with, nothere to hug... I miss my family, the little joys and smiles. Somepeople jus make life worth living... I miss all those people.Before I left for HK I could not wait to get out, Meera... you knowhow much I partied, I went out every single day, life was busy and Iwanted more time. Stangely even in HK I want more than 24 hours, thedeadlines, the assignments, the job search, the competitiveness, thelanguage barrier, the food issues are some of the challenges I facehere. There are times that everything around you make u feel like yourworld is falling apart, but there are so many things that you have to do that you just keep moving thoughts away. Definately this is not aneasy life, its challenging but its beautiful.The flip side is, we have a great time despite all this, classes incentral are an excuse to party...and now is when we party hard...till5-6 am...the parties here are crazy, you jus keep movin in groups fromone club to another, the Indians here glare at you cuz your wid abunch of white people. lol...some people even strangely get vocalabout their thoughts, n I jus snap back like dude they are my classmates...haha... Talking about parties, yes on campus we have our very own uni bar... we have our get together sessions here... its mad fun.HK itself is wonderful, we went for the Halloween party at Ocean Park.There were 7 scary houses...the ques were never ending but it wasworth it. The monsters pop out from no where, scare the crap out of u.Going on all those fun rides wid your class mates, the power dropwhich drops u from about 100 ft...fish i missed my beat there. Staringthat the acquarium, the color ful fish..the jelly fish..aweeeeeeeeeits gorgeous. I loved it. Another weekend we went on this junk boat trip, 80 of us on this boat...singing, drinkin, dancing... got tonsof attention from a german :P quite a good looker :) i jus have tomention...haha. The boat trip was on til 1am then we had to gopartyin...lots of bottoms ups... he he... Well its all good...I just hope i get a good internship soon... andclasses take it easy.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Resume Improvements

Here are some things I've learnt about the way resumes should be (Thanks to all who helped)
  • Find out what you are applying for. Remove all the trash that is not applicable. Just realizing this simple fact helped me make a big improvement in my resume. I know its basic. But keep this in mind and look at every word in your resume.

  • The value of a line on the one page resume. Make every word and line in it count.

  • Identify the key characteristics the job you are looking for requires and use everything you've done in your life that might help to add to it.

  • Formatting is important - but not at the cost of content. Content rules!!!

  • Don't get carried away by what you think are the achievements of your previous job. More importantly look at how you communicate that experience makes you a better fit for the current job that you are applying to.

  • Mention clients by names - Name dropping always helps.

  • What was the bottomline impact of what you did? Putting in numbers always helps.

  • Don't bold too much in the cover letter. Mine was so full of bold that the normal characters were probably what the reader would look for.

My resume is a lot like it should have been before I started applying to most of the Banks. But then, since Banks are not really my focus, its better now than later I guess. I still know a few things I need to improve on it - but then will do that once I start my next round of apps.