Monday, January 28, 2008

Pagalguy Thread Link

Prathap and I decided to put in some effort to help out potential candidates to the next batch of HKUST as they try to find if they fit into the HKUST scene. Here is the link for those that found this site (that's rarely updated) before the Pagalguy thread

We've had a great response so far and our response has also translated into a great number of applicants applying to HKUST. Now its upto the Admissions committee to pick the best of the lot who'll take this school to greater heights.

Pour in your questions there so next round and year candidates of HKUST can get the information they need from there.

HKUST - Now World# 17

The press release from HKUST

What does it mean for us? Greater recognition of our quality and better branding once we head back to India.

Congrats to ISB for debuting on the rankings at #20. That's a strong debut. :-)