Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Next Generation

Hello, I am from the new batch of MBA students at HKUST, and I will try to continue the fine job that last years students started.

I am Hoi, born in the UK, with parents orignally from Hong Kong. I was working in Japan, Tokyo for the past 5 years and before that, in London. This year has already started with a bang. The campus is as beautiful as ever and we have been involved in some intense, educational and fun activities that have already meant we have had to leave our comfort zones. Maybe the pictures can help explain.

This years class is slightly larger, there are 91 of us, representing 23 different countries, so this year it is more international than ever before. I've just started the first week and it's intense. Lot's of group work, lots of assignments and lots of reading to do.. and then there is also career searches, recruitment talks as well as trying to balance a social life. For me, I've come here with my wife and 2 children, so I also have to balance that into the equation. I'm not living on campuse but just down the road from the school (7 mins by mini-bus), there is an area called Hang Hau where quite a few of the students live. Not eveyone wants to live in the halls, and Hang Hau is very convenient, all the shops you need are here, and it is connected to the MTR which gives you access to the rest of Hong Kong.
Hopefully I will find some time to continue posting... I will leave you with a short video..